Vilkår for bruk

1.     I am at least 18 years old (European customers) or 21 years old (US customers).

2.     I will only use this site for personal, commercial, or educational purposes, and I will keep all of the information (my shipping & billing address and our security policy) discreet and will not reveal my account details to anybody.

3.     I am neither a law enforcement collaborator nor a member of any law enforcement organization.

4.     I have no intention of harming anyone by using the information on this site and will only utilize it for commercial purposes.

5.     I will engage with the site’s administrators politely and in a culturally appropriate manner.

6.     I am aware that some of the products on the site may be harmful to my health and cause undesirable side effects.



  1. Regular airmail is used to ship the products across Europe.
  2. The package is flown to your country and then transported to your location via land transport.
  3. After your payment has been verified, the order will be dispatched within 1-5 days.
  4. The average arrival time is 7-20 days.
  5. If the package is more than 15 days late, you are advised to notify our customer care team. Smaller delays are considered common, as the mail service provider can be unreliable at times.
  6. Because products are housed in different warehouses in different countries, we divide orders into as many parcels as is necessary. You will therefore notice that your parcels may arrive 24-48 hours apart.
  7. Once the delivery has been dispatched, you will be alerted via email and given an estimated arrival date, which will also be displayed on the «Order History» section which you can find by going to the «My Account»  page on our website.
  8. The projected delivery dates are provided by the mail service provider we used and they are not always accurate; the actual arrival date may range by 3-5 days from the one stated.
  9. We have no control over the shipment speed because the shipping fulfilment is beyond our control, therefore shipping delays are possible.
  10. The billing address and shipping address may be different. The delivery address must be valid, and you must be available to receive your packages at that address for at least 40 days after your payment has been made.
  11. If you want to split an order and send it to several addresses, you need to create separate orders and provide the required addresses in the relevant address information fields. You will only be quoted a single shipping handling fee in this situation.


Placing your order

1.     Before placing an order, please carefully read the ordering instructions.

2.     When you place an order, it will remain dormant until you pay for it, at which point we will begin processing it within 24 hours of receiving the payment.

3.     You can cancel and delete an order at any time, but only if it has not yet been processed. In cases when the order was already paid for or processed by us, you will have to request a cancellation by sending us a support ticket.

4.     Because orders placed don’t reserve the items for you in our warehouse, if the time between placing the order and paying for it is more than one week, you may need to validate the availability of the desired products by submitting a support ticket through the contact form on our Contact Us page to verify that they are all still available.

5.     If the order is left unpaid in the system and you decide to pay for it later, even though the live price has changed, you will only have to pay the previous amount quoted in your order.

6.     If you want to order a lot of different products but the total amount isn’t enough to qualify for a bulk discount, you can just order them and then contact us to negotiate a lower price within the confines of our discount policy.


7.     We regret to notify you that technical issues may cause shipment delays. Nevertheless, this is not a cause for concern or disappointment. If an order is stuck for more than 7 days, please submit a support ticket and request reimbursement, as we offer credits in these situations.

8.     You can always check the status, content, and other details of your order in your order history, which is accessible via the website on the «My Account« page.

9.     The «Order Tracking Code» and the «Mail Tracking Number» (or «Postal Reference Number») are not to be confused as they have different functions.

10.  We will not be able to reship you the requested products if you ordered items that you ordered by accident and haven’t been able to notify us in time.

11.  Each time you receive a shipment, we require you to log onto our website, access your order history, and enter the received amount of items in the field next to each product you received in the package, then click «Accept». By doing this, you are alerting us that the package has arrived safely and successfully.
Our Reshipping Policy

1.     Shipping delay dates are counted from the expected delivery date displayed in your order history.

2.     If a package is more than 30 days late, it is deemed lost.

3.     Because the postal service can be inconsistent, the first complaint regarding postal delays should be submitted no later than the 15th day after the estimated arrival date. Shorter delays are insignificant.

4.     You must report the package as missing 30 days after the scheduled delivery date and provide us with a list of the missing items in your order, your order ID, and a new address for reshipment.

5.     To avoid further issues, a new shipping address is required. If you do not provide us with a new shipping address, we will still reship your package to the original address, but delivery will not be guaranteed. As a result, if your parcel is lost en route to the same destination a second time, we will not reship it.

6.     If a missing product from your late delivery is out of stock at the time it needs to be reshipped, you have two options: wait for the new stock to arrive at our warehouse or accept a substitute product up to the total value of the original product’s price. In this scenario, we’ll replace your products with similar or better-quality alternatives of an equivalent brand or product line.

7.     If your package has been confiscated and you have received a letter notifying you of its seizure, we ask that you submit a support ticket as well as scan and send the seizure letter to our team. After they review the letter and the reshipment has been approved, you will need to provide us with an alternative address for reshipment.

8.     Because the sender’s return address on the package sent to you is fabricated, if the postal service attempts to return the order to that address we will not receive it. It’s important therefore that you submit a support ticket detailing the reason for returning the order or speak with a member of our staff so they can help resolve the issue.

9.     Packages that go missing due to an incorrect address being entered will not be re-shipped. So, please take care when filling in the address fields for your order.

10.  The package will not be reshipped if you can no longer receive the package from the address you provided us with (e.g., if you relocated to a new address) before the estimated delivery date. If you do change your address after the projected delivery date but before the 30-day grace period, you may need to ask someone to receive the delivery at your old address, or alternatively, we will reimburse you 50% of the order value.

11.  If items were missing from your order when it arrived, or you received the wrong products from what you ordered, we will compensate you with a free reshipment of the missing items at our expense.

12.  If any of the products you ordered arrive damaged, or if they are unusable, we ask you to first submit a support ticket to our customer care team and include a photograph of the damaged products, labels, and packaging so that we can remedy the situation.


1.     Before we source your products, we ensure that they are original and adhere to industry standards. We, and the original manufacturer, guarantee their quality and authenticity.

2.     Any quality issues should be reported to our customer care team as soon as possible via a support ticket form on our Contact Us page, along with a detailed description of the issue and, if necessary, images or videos.

3.     If you are allergic to some components in a product you purchased from us but have already used them, please consult with your doctor as soon as possible, since these cases are regrettably beyond our scope of expertise. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that they fully understand whatever substance they have ordered and which substances are contained within that product. All ingredients are listed on the product packaging’s side.


  1. All personal data collected on the website will be handled in accordance with European legislation. Customers» personal information will not be released even if foreign governments make an official request.
  2. It is your obligation to investigate whether or not internet purchases of these medications are legal in your area.